Helpful Tips on Using the Forum

You can discuss non medical topics but connected to treating patients here
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Helpful Tips on Using the Forum

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What is the Forum

Forum is an interactive page where you can post your thoughts, your questions, your advice or request for help or advice on any topic listed on the page.

Although anyone can view the posts in the "Forum", to use it as an interactive media where you can write and post your thoughts, you should be a registered member with a user name and password. Registration is Easy. If you are not registered click here to register

When you see a post you can reply the post by discussing the topic or suggesting an advice.

As there are many specialties listed you may be interested in seeing posts from only the specialty you are interested in. If that is so, open that "Forum" and tick "Subscribe Forum" on the left upper corner of the page just below the icon "New Post" Once you do that you will get an email every time a new post arrives in that group. You can always Unsubscribe later if you wish.

The next thing that you will want to do is post a topic. All that you have to do is click "New Topic" and start typing your post or paste an article from another document. Your post must contain a heading. Once you have finished writing click "Submit" at the end of the page. Your post will now appear for all members to see in that particular section.

Editing Your Profile & adding an Avatar
For changing the details of your profile:
- Login using your User name and Password.
- Click "User Control Panel" on the right upper corner of the page.
- You will see "options" on the left side of this page.
- Now click "Profile". This will open the page showing your registration details.
- Edit your Profile and click "Submit" to confirm the changes.

Among the other options available you will see "Edit Avatar". By clicking "Edit Avatar" you will see a page where you can upload a stored photo of yourself on your computer. However you must reduce the size of your photo to a max width of 75px and height of 100px. You can also change a photo that you had previously uploaded.

If you are unable to reduce the size of your photo to upload - send the photo with a request to the administrator to upload it. The administrator will do the necessary changes and will upload it to your avatar.

Subscribing to a Speciality or a Topic
If you want to be informed of any new topic appearing in the Forum, First click on the speciality you are interested in. Next click on subscribe at the top left corner of the page. Once subscribed, every time a new post arrives in that speciality you will get an email to indicate that a new post has arrived.

If you want to follow a particular topic in a speciality, you can similarly subscribe to that topic and you will be informed of a reply to a post on that topic.
Subscriptions can be stopped by simply clicking "Unsubscribe"

Posting a New Topic or Saving it as a Draft

- Click on Speciality you want to post the topic to
- At Bottom of the page click on "NEW Topic"
- Type the Subject and enter the message in the "Message Board"
- You can now "Preview" or Publish by "Submitting" it
- If the topic is not complete you can save it as a "Draft" to complete later.

Retrieving a Draft to complete your post
- Click on "User Control Panel" at top right corner
- At left of screen you will see the options which will include "Manage Drafts"
- You can open the draft to complete the message or article that you had stored previously. Once complete you can publish it.

Searching for a Member:

Click on members at right upper corner of screen
Next Click "Find a member" at right upper corner (5th line)
On the next screen fill in the members' name and or any other details requested on the screen. It is not necessary to fill all the columns.
When you click next you will find details of the member appearing. If you click on the "User name" of the member more details will appear if the member has filled more details.

You can send a personal email to that member by clicking on "email" in the contact area of the screen
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