Blindness from Chikungunya

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Blindness from Chikungunya

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The Times of India, Chennai reports that Chikungunya virus, which leaves people with severe pain in the joints, is now affecting the eye. The report indicates that several samples of eye serum sent from the Government Ophthalmic Hospital in Egmore have tested positive for chikungunya at the King Institute of Preventive Medicine.

Dr Vasantha Hospital superintendent of Government Ophthalmic Hospital, Egmore said "Medical journals have reported ocular manifestation of the virus. In most cases, people who reported the infection had high fever, joint pain and blurring of vision”. She also said that they have sent samples to the lab that require detailed study".

Doctors advise people with irritation of the eye, swelling or blurring vision to approach an ophthalmologist immediately. With the ocular manifestation yet to be studied in detail, experts are yet to evolve a standard treatment protocol.
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Badri, Interestingly, this is a case report in the BMJ of 28th July 2015.

Chikungunya fever is a vector borne virus that typically causes a self-limiting systemic illness with fever, skin rash and joint aches 2 weeks after infection.
A 69-year-old woman presenting with an acute unilateral optic neuropathy as a delayed complication of Chikungunya virus (CHIKV) infection contracted during a recent trip to the West Indies.
She presented to the ophthalmology department with acute painless visual field loss in the right eye and a recent flu-like illness. She was found to have a right relative afferent pupillary defect (RAPD) with unilateral optic disc swelling.
Serology confirmed recent CHIKV infection.
Treatment with intravenous methylprednisolone was delayed while awaiting MRI scans and serology results.
At 5-month follow-up, there was a persistent right RAPD and marked optic atrophy with a corresponding inferior scotoma in the visual field.

G Mohan.
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